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Body Scan


Follow along with this script

Read slowly with music that conveys the feeling of a journey.


Allow your breathing to deepen, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel the breath coming in and going out and allow the breath to become a little smoother, a little softer, and a little longer…


Allow the breath to come in through your nose and follow it, visualize it, feel it, as it goes from the nose, down the trachea, and into the bronchi and then the alveoli of the lungs. Let your consciousness follow your breath and let your consciousness and your breath begin to mix with the blood which is moving to your heart.


And now, allow the music and the sound of my voice to bring you flowing, moving, through your blood stream, into and through your body to that part of you that is calling out to you—to that part of you that is saying, “Come here! I need you here! I have something to tell you.”


It may be a part you know well, or it may be one you have never visited before. Just allow yourself to go there, trusting that this is the right place to be for this moment, and that your unconscious wisdom is at work.


Once you’re there, look around, see what it’s like. Ask what the message is for you; what it needs to tell you. You may ask a question like, “What am I doing here? Why do you hurt? Is there something I’m supposed to learn?” Whatever the question is—whether it is formed with words or without words—ask it, and let the answer come. Keep up this dialogue, looking, listening, asking, and waiting for the answers.


Now you can say thank you to this part of you that’s been informing you and allow the music and the sound of my voice to bring you back again to your heart. Just enjoy being here and experience the music, the beat of the music, the beat of your heart, and the rhythm of the breath.


And now, have the flow of your blood and the music and the sound of my voice take you somewhere else in your body, somewhere else that may have a message for you. Let yourself be in that place. If you find that it is the same place as before and you need more time there, that is fine too. Look around, see what you see. Feel what you feel... And ask, “Why am I here? What is it that I need to learn here?” Let that answer rise up from this other place in your body. Allow that discussion to unfold; allow that information to come from this part of your body. When you’ve learned what you need to thank this part of your body for what it’s taught you.


And now, let the sound of my voice and the sound of the music flow with blood and air and oxygen, and bring you back to your heart. And once more feel yourself in your heart—enjoying the place.


And become aware, now, of your mind flowing with your breath and your blood sending you back to your lungs. Be aware of the air, mostly carbon dioxide now diffusing from the bloodstream into your alveoli. And be aware now of the air rising through the bronchial tube into your trachea and out your mouth.


Be aware of your breathing, of your lungs expanding with inhalation, of your body relaxing with exhalation. Becoming more and more aware of the breath, moving in and out of the body—life, and air... consciousness, and energy... the breath moving through the alveoli, into and out of the lungs and through the bronchioles, bronchi, and out, out of your mouth... In through your nose and out through your mouth... In through your nose and out through your mouth…


Now become aware of yourself, little by little, sitting here in your chair breathing …


And as the music goes down, continue to be aware of yourself sitting here in this room—breathing, relaxing, feeling your feet on the floor and your back against the back of the chair and your seat on the seat of the chair. And as you feel comfortable, open your eyes and bring yourself back into the room…

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