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Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS)

CPS Overview

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) is the evidence-based approach for understanding and helping kids with concerning behaviors, as described in Dr. Ross Greene’s books The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost & Found, and Raising Human Beings. Here at The Grove Psychiatry our lead practitioners, Dr. Nead and Dr. Nicoll are both trained in this approach and have been using this method in outpatient clinics, inpatient psychiatric hospitals and  home setting.

Our Approach to CPS

Our approach to CPS or Collaborative and Proactive Solutions is based on two main ideas:


  • First, the reason some kids respond maladaptively to problems and frustrations is that they’re lacking the skills.

  • Second, the best way to reduce concerning behaviors is by solving the problems that are causing those behaviors. This is best done in a collaborative way (team approach including parents/guardians as well as the child). Dealing with behaviors should also be done in a proactive (rather than reactive) way. The model aims to decrease or eliminate adult-imposed consequences aimed at modifying behavior.

Our CPS Program at The Grove: Comprehensive Psychiatry and Wellness 

Here at The Grove Psychiatry we take a collaborative approach with both parents and children together, to find proactive solutions in treating concerning childhood behavior. Our CPS program includes:

  • 1-3 sessions with parents and child to practice and follow up with progress. 

In Summary: What to Expect From A Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Approach For Your Child

The CPS method is not a one time intervention but a shift in the discipline and day to day interactions between the parent(s) and child. Don't expect perfection on day one. This is a process and skill that will develop overtime to yield a more effective parenting approach and a richer relationship with your child.

Text "appt" to 480-470-3442 to schedule your first appointment and learn if CPS is the best approach for your child

CPS Resources

Review the FAQ fact sheet and video below to learn more about CPS and what to expect from the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions approach.

CPS FAQ Fact Sheet:

"Collaborative & Proactive Solutions F.A.Q." pdf preview

Overview of Collaborative Solving Problem


Thank you to Dr Ross Greene for the development of this program. The program and forms were developed by Dr Ross Greene and The Grove: Comprehensive Psychiatry and Wellness takes no credit for them. Learn more about Dr Greene and his approach at

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Books on CPS

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