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Plan B: Collaborative and Proactive

Overview of Plan B Training for Parents at The Grove Psychiatry

Plan B refers to a different way of finding solutions to problems that children are experiencing. Many are familiar with the Plan A approach which represents solutions created and imposed by the adults. Plan B refers to solutions that are created collaboratively with involvement from the adults and the child. The goal is to find solutions to unsolved problems in a collaborative (working together) way. Here at The Grove we want help re-train parents so they find solutions that are proactive instead of reactive. The following strategy is a framework for working collaboratively with children and teenagers.

Three Steps to Plan B:

  1. Empathy: Work to achieve a clear understanding of what's making it hard for a kid to meet a given expectation. 

  2. Define Adult Concerns: Allow for the adult/parent to express their concerns.

  3. Invitation: Work to generate solutions that are realistic that both parties agree to that address the previously stated concerns from both parties. 

Summary: What to Expect From the Plan B Approach 

Our CPS Program at the Grove Psychiatry begins with the ALSUP assessment followed by 1-2 sessions of one-on-one Plan B training with parent(s) and a psychiatrist (no child present). Do not expect to completely overhaul your parenting approach and subsequently your child's problematic behavior patterns over night. Change takes time, patience and practice. After parents have completed their Plan B training, next we will set up 1-3 sessions with both parent(s) and child to practice these new skills together!

Text "appt" to 480-470-3442 to schedule your first appointment and begin yours and your child's CPS Assessment.

Plan B Resources

Download and watch the below resources on the Plan B step in the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) method.

Plan B Cheat Sheet

Preview of "Plan B Cheat Sheet, Collaborative & Proactive Solutions" pdf, Page 1

Plan B Drilling Sheet

Preview of "Plan B Drilling Cheat Sheet, Collaborative & Proactive Solutions" pdf, Page 2

Video of Plan B with 10 Year Old

Video of Plan B with 15 Year Old


Thank you to Dr Ross Greene for the development of this program. The program and forms were developed by Dr Ross Greene and The Grove: Comprehensive Psychiatry and Wellness takes no credit for them. Learn more about Dr Greene and his approach at

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CPS Method

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Before your Plan B sessions we begin with an Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems (ALSUP).

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Books on CPS

Find some great books on the CPS method developed by Dr. Greene and continue learning!

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