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Collaborative and Proactive - Plan B

Summary of Plan B

Plan B refers to a different way of finding solutions to problems that children are experiencing. Many are familiar with the Plan A approach which represents solutions created and imposed by the adults. Plan B refers to solutions that are created collaboratively with involvement from the adults and the child. The goal is to find solutions to unsolved problems in a collaborative (working together) way. We also want to find solutions that are proactive instead of reactive. The following strategy is a framework for working collaboratively with children and teenagers.

Three steps to Plan B:

1. Empathy - Work to achieve a clear understanding of what's making it hard for a kid to meet a given expectation. 

2. Define Adult Concerns - Allow for the adult/parent to express their concerns.

3. Invitation - Work to generate solutions that are realistic that both parties agree to that address the previously stated concerns from both parties. 


CPS is not a one time intervention but a shift in the discipline and day to day interactions between the parent(s) and child. Don't expect perfection on day one. This is a process and skill that will develop overtime to yield a more effective parenting approach and a richer relationship with your child.

Thank you to Dr Ross Greene for the development of this program. The program and forms were developed by Dr Ross Greene and The Grove: Comprehensive Psychiatry and Wellness takes no credit for them. Learn more about Dr Greene and his approach at

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