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Follow along with this script

Set up your biofeedback device if you would like to monitor your body temperature although this is not required.


Sit or lie in a comfortable position, preferably in a position where your limbs do not touch any other part of your body.


Take a few slow, soft belly breaths...


As you say the phrases you might also imagine the sensations described in each phrase happening in your body. For example, when you say, “My arms are heavy and warm,” you might imagine relaxing on the beach with the sun shining on you and warming you...or a warm bath...or whatever conjures up images of warmth for you.


The best approach is to just trust your body to do what you ask of it, unattached to the outcome. No striving. No force. Just allowing your body to become warm and relaxed. 


Repeat each phrase 6 times.


My arms are heavy and warm, [pause] I am at peace, [pause] x6 


My legs are heavy and warm, [pause] I am at peace, [pause] x6


My heartbeat is calm and regular, [pause] I am at peace, [pause] x6


My abdomen radiates warmth, [pause] I am at peace, [pause] x6


My forehead is pleasantly cool, [pause] I am at peace, [pause] x6


My breathing is calm and relaxed, [pause] I am at peace. [pause] x6


After you have repeated all phrases 6 times each, close the exercise with these words:


If you are using a monitoring device, recheck it now. If not, tune in to your body’s felt sense to see what you detect... Notice how you feel…

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