Writing with Pen


Experience: Dialogue with a Symptom

Follow along with this script

Sit comfortably for a moment, breathe deeply in and out through your nose, and relax. Close your eyes if you like. Let an issue, problem, or symptom come to you... just take whatever comes. The unconscious seems to know better than we do what we need to explore. It could be something physical... “I have a pain here” or “I have an illness and I’m wondering what it’s all about.” It could be something emotional... a concern that you have, a conflict with someone, a feeling of sadness or anger, or an anxiety that you have that you don’t really understand. It could be something in your life that you need to make a decision about... “What kind of changes do I need to make in my life?” or “What kind of work should I really be doing?”


Next, open your eyes and begin to write down the dialogue between yourself and your problem or concern, using abbreviations or initials to expedite the process (for example, “S” for stomach and your initial for yourself). You will be writing for about 7-10 minutes. Write as fast as you can without analyzing what you are writing. First thought, best thought. Just let the dialogue unfold. You can ask the problem or symptom questions and receive back answers or other questions. Be sure to ask your symptom for concrete advice about what you need to do to relieve or understand it better. Let the dialogue flow freely, asking and answering specific questions, back and forth.


When you’re finished, take several minutes to read over what you’ve written.

Mind Body Tool - Wise Guide

Sit or lie in a comfortable position... feel your body against the floor or the chair... allow your body to soften and just let yourself be... and now allow your awareness to move to your breath... awareness of the in-breath... awareness of the out-breath... breathing in, feeling calm... breathing out, at peace... preparing to go on a mental journey...


Now I would like you to imagine yourself in a very special place... it could be a real place... a place you may actually have been... a beautiful spot in nature or a comforting place in your own home... your special place may be an

imaginary place... indoors or outdoors... it doesn’t really matter... and if more than one place comes to mind, then allow yourself to just choose one and stay there... This is a place in which you are comfortable and safe. Appreciate this scene with all your senses. See and touch and feel the whole environment that you are in.... Hear the sounds...smell the aromas... feel the air on your skin... experience the ground securely under you…


Notice what you are wearing...notice if you have something on your feet... the time of year is it... the time of day...notice how old you are... And whether you are alone or with another person or people…


Notice the colors that surround you...and the temperature.


Notice the qualities of the place that make it safe and comfortable for you and where you experience that safety and comfort in your body…


Begin to look around you to notice if there is anything else that would make this place safer for you... perhaps something that you need to remove from the place or something or someone you need to bring in...If so, do that now... and then notice how your body feels in this place…


And now, notice a shape or form slowly moving toward you, or near you. This is your Wise Guide –someone you know or a figure from a scripture, a man or a woman, a child or an animal... a color or a presence or perhaps a feeling.


Accept whoever or whatever comes. Notice how old or young it is... how large or how small. This person or creature or presence is your wise guide, your inner self, your spirit guide, whatever name feels right for you…


And as the being or presence approaches, greet it as you feel appropriate ... by words or thoughts or touch... take some time to get comfortable in its presence. Does it have a name?


Know that this Wise Guide is here to help you and to serve you. The wise being may have a message for you. Listen to the message ... accept the message... and learn from it... And feel free to ask questions -- for some advice, or clarifications ... or a solution to a problem. Your wise guide may even have a gift for you and if it’s offered, you may accept it.


Spend some time with your wise guide, enjoying being it its presence, asking whatever questions you have, accepting the answers that come.


Now in a moment I am going to ask you to say good-bye to your Wise Guide. Begin to give thanks, knowing that you can return any time you need to. And begin to allow this image to fade.


And when you are ready... at your own pace...become aware of yourself once again in your safe, comfortable place, relaxing there, noticing what you see and feel and hear. Rest there for a while.


Now become aware of your breathing deepening. Very gradually let the awareness of your body against the chair or floor return... Bring yourself back slowly and comfortably. And when you are ready... gently open your eyes...


You may want to take a few minutes to write down your images and the advice you received in your journal. Imagery is like dreaming and it often disappears from memory quickly.