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POC wears VR Headset against blue backdrop

VR Therapy

What Is VR Therapy?

VR or "Virtual Reality" is a computer-generated, three-dimensional environment enabling immersive, multi-sensory experiences. Utilizing VR in therapy can help a patient feel as if they are actually experiencing a situation by providing the ability to engage in and access specific situations that otherwise would not be practically available, such as flying in a plane, being exposed to heights, bridges, bugs or animals.

A young african american woman sits in a chair wearing VR Goggles for VRET or VR Exposure Therapy

About VR Exposure Therapy

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that utilizes virtual reality (VR) technology. The most common clinical application has been VR Exposure Therapy (VRET) for anxiety-related disorders (e.g., phobias, social anxiety, agoraphobia, PTSD etc). There have been over 30 randomized control trials supporting its efficacy. VRET has shown comparable benefits for in-vivo or live exposure therapy (Learn more about Exposure Prevention Therapy treatment options here). More evidence is emerging supporting its efficacy in other mental health conditions including, autism-spectrum disorder, addictions, eating disorders, and psychosis.

Video Examples of VR Therapy

Through the use of VR technology, we can create simulations that allow patients to gradually experience their fears in a virtual environment without any physical danger. By exposing themselves to their fears in a safe, controlled environment, patients can eventually overcome the anxiety and phobias associated with them.


Below are just a few video examples of VR Exposure Therapy to help patients understand the concept better.

In the office of The Grove Psychiatry a VR headset hangs from ceiling

VR Therapy at The Grove

The Grove Psychiatry is now accepting patients for VR Therapy! A board  certified psychiatrist will work with you to determine if this form of therapy is the right fit for you. With VR Therapy, you can experience a safe, controlled environment in which to explore and overcome the fears and phobias affecting your mental health and quality of life.


The Grove: Comprehensive Psychiatry and Wellness is excited for the future of VR work and the potential to give powerful treatment options to our patients. To learn more or to speak to a psychiatrist about VR Therapy, give us a call or text us today!

A Young man wearing headphones

Visit A Psychiatrist Today

Text "appt" to 480-470-3442 to schedule an appointment and decide if VR Therapy is an option for you.

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